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Fidelity estimates a 65-year-old couple will need on average $230,000 to cover health care costs in retirement.  This is $20,000 less than 2010’s $250,000. The reduction is largely a result of the new Medicare changes being implemented. This decline is … Continue reading

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China’s Use of Commodities

Alan Abelson wrote an article called “Paradigm Shift” in the  May 16 edition of Barron’s. Included is a table showing the commodity consumed by China. It is a good indicator of the impact the Chinese have on world growth. China’s … Continue reading

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Over 85 Years of age: Women Outnumber Men 4 to 1! Are You Prepared?

The Society of Actuaries published a study (December 2010) The Impact of Retirement Risk on Women. There is much work to be done preparing both men and women who live longer but especially women because of the longer life expectancy. … Continue reading

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