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Our first step is to meet with you and see how well we communicate, and determine if we're a good fit for each other. We understand that emotions are involved when discussing money, whether the issue is inheriting, saving, or spending it. For many, turning to a qualified, objective advisor diffuses anxiety. Our professional, yet informal approach creates a comfortable atmosphere for discussing and reviewing what may be sensitive issues about your life and your future.

We look at your life and your finances. Every individual or couple has different needs, and it's important that we understand yours. The process begins by focusing in on your goals. What's your timeframe to accumulate money for retirement? What will you do in retirement? What are your options to receive income in retirement? Are you prepared for these changes? We help you grapple with issues you've wondered about — and will probably raise some that you haven't thought of.

Once you identify your life goals, we define the steps that can help you achieve them, and help you position your financial activities accordingly. We present the alternatives available to you, answer your questions, and explain the potential ramifications of your alternatives. Depending upon your stage in life, your requirements will vary. As a result, you may need a financial plan or assistance with one or several of the following areas:

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Let us help you map out your future. Financial planning is a process — not a one-time event. Using the analogy of a road map, we help you identify the starting point and define your destination. Then we develop directions to help you reach it. When you face unexpected stops or side trips along the way, we make revisions that keep you on track. If you remain focused, you'll get to where you want to be. We welcome the chance to help you get started.



About Fee - Only Services No hidden costs. No referral fees.
No commissions

No hidden costs. No referral fees.
As a fiduciary, we put our clients' interests first. Our compensation comes exclusively from you. If we don't directly provide a particular service, we can serve as a resource for referrals to other professionals. We don't accept referral fees, sales commissions, or any other compensation from any outside sources.

Minimum Fees:
Financial Planning: $275 per hour
Investment Management: $7,500 annually

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