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Non-Traditional Couples | Domestic Partners

There's a gap between being created equally and being protected equally.
We help you bridge it.

Whether you are married, domestic partners or haven’t decided, you already know that marriage recognized by the Federal government comes with a range of benefits — from income taxes to more advantageous ways to bequeath and inherit money. You may have even experienced how being unprotected by the law can be mildly irritating, or financially and emotionally devastating.

In California, at the moment, you must decide whether to become Registered Domestic Partners. We walk you through the pros and cons of registering and how it might impact your relationship.

At Financial Connections, we understand and empathize with the frustrating issues facing gays and lesbians — whether in a committed relationship or not. More importantly, we understand the workarounds that can help protect you and your loved ones.

Double-click above to listen to or click here to download a podcast in which we discuss protecting the rights of unmarried couples and singles who don’t benefit from certain tax laws as married couples when it comes to things like buying a home, having children and estate planning. (From: "30 Minutes of Personal Finance.")

If you're interested in issues surrounding estate planning, investment management, tax preparation, or other financial planning services, you'll find a welcoming atmosphere at Financial Connections. We welcome the chance to meet with you.



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Jill Hollander discusses the financial rights of non-traditional couples

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Together But SeparateIn this article from Investment Advisor, Jill Hollander and Dana Levit write about the legal protections for non traditional couples

"In its most unromantic sense, a legal marriage is the creation of an economic unit, and there are over 1,100 federal rights and responsibilities that support that unit’s survival... almost half of the adult U.S population is unmarried, and this number is expected to grow significantly as the population ages."

Download the PDF: Together But Separate


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