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Investment Management
Our company goal is to build portfolios that balance risk with returns. We utilize mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds and individual bonds. We work with you to build an investment strategy taking into account when you need to withdraw money and how much.

Keeping the lines of communication open between us is a key element of success. We need to know if changes occur that might prompt a revised investment strategy. We are available to review our current approach at your convenience.

Retirement / Transition Planning

Life expectancies continue to rise changing the way we think of retirement. We view retirement as a life transition. With many people spending one-third of their lives in this phase, Financial Connections helps you to define your vision of this period. Will you work part-time at a job you enjoy? Would you rather not work at all? Do you plan to volunteer your time for a non-profit organization or a cause you believe in? Our role is to help you define this future and see how your finances fit with your vision.

Retirement Income and Withdrawal Strategies

Many of us received a paycheck during our working life. In retirement, we have to create a new type of paycheck. We review your resources and your goals to develop strategies to create a new paycheck for you to live on.

This is a complex topic. A new paycheck needs to balance your expenses, the risk of running out of money prematurely and your legacy requirements. It is an art, not a science since we don’t know how long we will live or the cost of our health care during our later years.

Medicare Planning

Our consultant offers a Medicare Advisory Program. They help answer such questions as If I'm still employed and turning 65, what do I do? What about my dependents? Will a Medicare Supplement Plan offer better coverage? What Drug Plan(s) fit with my prescriptions? How does the Medicare Surcharge work?

Long–Term Care Planning

We hired a long–term care consultant to develop a specific long–term care plan in advance of needing assistance. This helps your family to be prepared before care is required. If you have a long–term care insurance policy, our consultant will audit it. And, if you or a family member need to file a claim, they will file it on your behalf. Recommendations on care assistance is also available.

Estate Planning

Of all the reasons to consider financial planning, your loved ones may be the most important. The emotional trauma caused by the death of your spouse/partner is acute. Having your estate in order helps minimize the stress during this period.

Our role is to help you in this endeavor.

Tax Planning

We offer tax consultation for ongoing management clients.

This service includes tax strategy, if applicable, and year-round tax advice. 

We encourage all of our clients to communicate with us during the tax year. It provides us an opportunity to avoid surprises. If you already have a tax professional, we will work with her/him to coordinate your investments and tax situation.

We realize that the impact of taxes is a component of the financial planning process. We examine tax issues ranging from savings strategies to tax-deferral vehicles to investment decisions.

Risk Management

Risk is an inherent part of life. Insurance is one of the ways to transfer risk and protect ourselves and our assets. This can take the form of disability, life, long-term care, liability, and property and casualty insurance. We are not insurance agents and do not sell insurance. But we work with you to identify the risks and are available to work with your agent(s).

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Hourly Financial Planning

We offer hourly financial planning services for individuals and families regardless of income, net worth or assets.

Hourly planning is ideal if you need:

  • A check-up to determine progress in meeting financial goals
  • A second opinion on financial issues
  • A financial planning road map
  • Retirement accumulation strategies
  • Retirement withdrawal strategies
  • Review of investments in a 401(k)
  • Investment review for do-it-yourselfers

Financial Connections will charge only for the time we spend to deliver the answers or solutions that clients seek. If you are interested in our hourly service, please call our office to discuss the documents needed for our initial 30 minute meeting. There is no-charge for the initial consultation.

Getting Started:
Download our questionnaire that will guide you in gathering information that will help us to learn about you.

Download a PDF brochure with more information about our hourly financial planning service


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