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Financial Connections Corporate Responsibility

In 2002 we made the move to have less paper in the office and purchased an electronic imaging system which enabled us to move away from paper to on-screen documentation. In 2011 we accomplished our transition to cloud computing – thereby improving data access and security.

For many years we have used both sides of the page for our in-house work, and used post-its and half sheets instead of full sheets for much of the paper correspondence we generate.

Besides these measures, here are some other ways we conserve resources:

Save Trees & Reduce Waste

  • Buy recycled copier paper
  • Use out of date letterhead and post-its as scratch paper
  • Keep a clean dishcloth in the kitchen to dry hands (versus paper towels)
  • Buy paper towels and tissues made with recycled content
  • Cancel unwanted junk mail
  • Stock the kitchen with ceramic dishes and metal utensils
  • Recycle glass and metal
  • Donate outgoing computers to non-profit organizations
  • Take used batteries and electronics to appropriate waste disposal sites

Save Energy

  • Use energy saver settings on computers, and other office equipment
  • Use energy saving light bulbs and fixtures
  • Turn off lights and computer monitors when they are not in use
  • Walk to lunch
  • Relocating operations to Marin saves the staff an average three hours commute time


Company Mission

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About Fee-Only ServicesNo hidden costs. No referral fees.
As a fiduciary, we put our clients' interests first. Our compensation comes exclusively from you. If we don't directly provide a particular service, we can serve as a resource for referrals to other professionals. We don't accept referral fees, sales commissions, or any other compensation from any outside sources.

Minimum Fees:
Financial Planning: $275 per hour
Investment Management: $7,500 annually

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Financial Connections Corporate Responsibility Green Business


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